About Healing Services


  • Do you need healing in your body?
  • Do you want to learn how to minister healing to others?
  • Then LCU Miracle Healing Service is the FREE resource for you.

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Miracle Healing Service - Life Christian University

LCU Miracle Healing Services are available for anyone, anywhere to be built up in faith concerning God’s desire for you to receive a manifestation of His healing grace in your body, and fully recover from sickness or disease.

Dr. Doug Wingate, President of LCU attended Rhema Bible Training College from 1980 to 1982. During that time he attended and served at Healing School conducted by Dr. Kenneth E. Hagin. Healing School was not part of the Bible Education Curriculum provided for the students, but consisted of daily healing services each afternoon for those needing healing, or those desiring to learn the healing ministry.

Dr. Hagin’s pattern in ministry was always to teach a solid foundation in faith for healing before ministering healing to people through prayer and the laying on of hands. Even when people receive a miracle touch from God and are healed in their bodies, Satan always attempts to put the sickness back on them. If they know how to stand in faith against him, resist any symptoms as a lie of Satan, they are able to keep their healing.

Following Dr. Hagins pattern, Dr. Wingate began holding Miracle Healing Services at the Main Campus of Life Christian University in November 2016.

With LCU having over 120 campuses throughout the world, Dr. Wingate realized in order make the Miracle Healing Services available to all the students and their families, it would have to be through videos online from a special website. Of course this website is available to everyone who desires to take advantage of it, so please join us and begin viewing the services.

Each service also has an outline with the scriptures for you to print off and use as a meditations sheet for building yourself up in faith. Services are conducted each week at the Main Campus in Tampa, Florida, and are then uploaded onto our YouTube account with the corresponding date. It is our desire that if someone needing healing comes to this site, they can do a healing marathon, watching service after service, until they receive their healing.

Prayer is offered in each service, and you can receive even without hands being laid on you. God is not limited by space, time or delay from watching a pre-recorded service.

Those desiring to learn more about ministering healing to others will also receive that instruction throughout each service. We know God desires to raise up an army of healing technicians or ministers.

There is no charge whatsoever for these healing services or outlines, but if you feel impressed by the Lord to give an offering, it will be greatly appreciated. We will pray for the Lord to bless you with a financial return on your giving, and provide you with a receipt of your giving at the end of the year for tax deduction purposes.

Also, for those who desire spiritual growth on the highest level possible, or if you sense God’s call on your life for ministry, LCU has a complete program of ministry education at our University website, www.lcus.edu. We even offer your first course completely free, in order for you to do a test drive to determine if LCU offers the education that you have always been looking for.

Enjoy and be Blessed